A Natural Perfume/Natural Fragrance by Essential Spirit


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Essential Spirit have produced four natural fragrnaces, three for women and one for men. They all come in a lovely roll-on 10ml bottle with a screw lid.

Amrita100% Natural 95% Organic - A naturally green combination of essential oils and absolutes in a lively lime roll-on bottle. This blend is fresh and stimulating like a green breeze just sweeping through one’s mind, clearing away cobwebs en route. The absolutes and essences contained in this bottle are: Gardenia - cultivated in China for more than 1,000 years. with a fresh, sweet quality, it is known for its antiseptic and calming properties, for treating infections and depression. Rosemary stimulating, headclearing, clean and sharp. bergamot and Carnation to alleviate fatigue and stress. blended in pure jojoba oil ~ roll over your pulses on wrists, side of neck and heart area. 

Heart - Natural fragrance/remedy - this blend is velvety rich and sweet, with rose absolute (the queen of flowers) opens heart centre, comforts and balances. patchouli: grounding, balancing,calming. calming states of anxiety. blended in organic jojoba oil ~ roll over your pulses on wrists, side of neck and heart area. 

Spirit - Natural fragrance/remedy - this is the aromatherapy equivalent to Bach Flowers ‘Rescue Remedy’ - neroli (the blossom from the orange tree) is a sedative, used for shock and insomnia. Marjoram, sedative. Sandalwood, sweet, warming and woody, perfect for grounding, and sweet orange, uplifting and gentle. blended in organic jojoba oil = roll over your pulses on wrists, side of neck and heart area.

Samadhi - fragrance for men - natural and organic fragrance for men.  using pure essential oils of wood, root and various fruits, blended together in a base of organic jojoba, makes this 100% natural and 95% organic.  Apart from the rich, warm and earthy fragrance, there is the therapeutic effect of grounding, calming and harmonizing the emotions. 

Read about the artist/maker, here.

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