Wild Swimming Prints by Andrea Hall

Andrea Hall Design


Swimming prints by Andrea Hall Design.

Misty Swim - It’s January. The water is a tranquil turquoise colour, but it’s only five degrees.You don’t want to go far, so you just take a ten minute social dip and feel like you’ve conquered the world.

Emerald Water, Autumn Jewels - An October swim in River Esk in the Lake District was the inspiration for this design. The water was so clear, taking on the green appearance of the bedrock, and the falling leaves swirled in the current like beautiful jewels.

Double Take - I suppose she wasn't expecting to see a swimmer as she tootled past on her way to work. She wobbled and nearly fell off. I smiled to myself and carried on. 

What Lurks Beneath - The question that every open water swimmer asks themselves at some point. We'd rather not know, however.

Serene Swim - The air is chilly and thick with moisture. The water is still and silky soft and there’s not a sound, other than the gentle splosh of your swim buddy somewhere out there.

Feel Good Swim - Wild swimming makes my heart sing – even in winter! There is no wonder the activity is on the rise and the media is full of stories about how good it is for your mental wellbeing.

Huts - When you focus on the bright colours of the beach huts, it’s easy to miss the swimmer plodding past.

Sewing the Seeds - One of the great things about open water swimming is that life goes on as normal all around you, and half the time nobody notices you are there.

Warmer In Than Out - The best swims are when the water temperature is warmer than the air temperature and nobody realises you are there.

Apres Swim - Every sensible open water swimmer warms up with a lovely cuppa after a swim. It’s mandatory. Cake is optional.

Breaking the Ice - In the winter, some hardy swimmers, literally break the ice as they get in. Not me!

Print information- The background is first hand painted in watercolour. The swimmers are drawn digitally and combined with the background on screen.

A4 digital print, printed on beautiful paper milled in the Lake District

Read about the artist/maker, here.

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