Birds, Animals & Plant Prints of Original Illustrations by Kate Broughton

Kate Broughton


Kate is a full time designer/maker based in Otley, West Yorkshire, UK. Inspired by wildlife, allotments and the things that surround her, she creates a range of stationery, prints and illustrated giftware.

Size of print - A4 (210 × 297 mm) high quality archival print onto archival matt heavyweight paper.  The poster style print is unmounted and unframed and Kate signs each print in the bottom right hand corner.

British Tits - featuring 8 original illustrations. The birds included are marsh tit, great tit, bearded tit, long tailed tit, crested tit, willow tit, blue tit and coal tit.

British Garden Birds - featuring 19 original illustrations. The birds included are bullfinch, greenfinch, starling, jay, blue tit, wood pigeon, chaffinch, coal tit, great tit, blackbird, willow warbler, goldfinch, nuthatch, robin, house sparrow, collared dove, pied wagtail, long tailed tit, magpie.

Exotic Birds - featuring 8 original illustrations. The birds included are turquoise-browed motmot, Livingstone’s turaco, resplendent quetzal, hoopoe, blue bird of paradise, splendid fairy wren, emerald toucanet, Gouldian finch.

British Butterflies - featuring 8 original illustrations. The butterflies included are: Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Large White, Speckled Wood, Peacock, Orange Tip, Brimstone and Common Blue.

Bees of Britain - featuring 12 original illustrations. 8 of the most common bumble bees, a honey bee and the most common 3 solitary bees in the UK. (Garden bumblebee, early bumblebee, tree bumblebee, common carder bee, buff-tailed bumblebee, white-tailed bumblebee, red-tailed bumblebee, heath bumblebee, honey bee, tawny mining bee, red mason bee, leaf-cutter bee)'

Owls of Britain - featuring 7 original illustrations. The owls featured are tawny, little, snowy, short-eared, barn, eagle and long-eared.

British Sheep - featuring 12 original illustrations. The sheep featured and labelled underneath the picture are: Kerry Hill. Border Leicester, Jacob, Hebridean, Suffolk, Swaledale, Badger Face, Cheviot, Herdwick, Romney, Black Welsh Mountain and Wensleydale.

British Terriers - featuring 8 original illustrations. The terriers on the poster are Lakeland, Jack Russell, Border, Staffordshire Bull, Bedlington, Scottish, West Highland and Yorkshire.

British Woodland Animals - featuring 8 original illustrations. The animals included are fox, badger, red deer, red squirrel, rabbit, hedgehog, stoat and dormouse.

Whales of the World - featuring 9 original illustrations. The whales featured are blue, killer, sperm, fin, grey, sei, humpback, beluga, narwhal. 

British Wild Food - featuring 12 original illustrations. The foods included are wild garlic, elderflower, sea kale, marsh samphire, dulse seaweed, watercress, blackberries, dandelion, elderberries, nettle, morel mushrooms and sorrel.

Wild Mushrooms - featuring 12 edible fungi original illustrations. The mushrooms included are: Scarlet elf cup, field blewit, cauliflower fungus, wood ear fungus, dryads saddle, orange birch bolete, hedgehog fungus, beefsteak fungus, giant puffball, penny bun bolete, oyster mushrooms and morel mushrooms.

Kitchen Herbs - featuring 12 original illustrations, the chart includes 12 common kitchen herbs Rosemary, basil, thyme, curly leaf parsley, flat leaf parsley, coriander, chives, sage, tarragon, oregano, dill, and mint.

British Wild Flowers -featuring 11 original illustrations. The flowers included are bindweed, meadow buttercup, snake’s head fritillary, dog rose, bluebell, primrose, ox eye daisy, corn poppy, red campion, musk mallow and yarrow.

Bonsai Styles - ‘Bonsai Styles’ poster, illustrating the shape and form of some popular bonsai tree styles.

Carnivorous Plants - featuring 6 original illustrations.

Cactus - original cactus illustrations.

Classic Cocktails  - featuring 12 of my original illustrations. The cocktails featured are martini, bloody mary, margarita, manhattan, sidecar, pina colada, cosmopolitan, mojito, white, russian, singapore sling, tom collins and old fashioned'

Sights of Japan  - featuring 9 of my original illustrations, these are Kinkaku-ji Temple, Sakura Cherry Blossom, a Torii gate, a bonsai plant, a white-eye bird, mount Fuji, a ski deer, sushi and a snow monkey.

Read about the artist/maker, here.

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