Cumbrian Tea - Ramblers' Brew

Cumbrian Tea


RAMBLERS BREW Great tasting, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly tea. A refreshing brew from the home of the Lakes. A box of 80 teabags.

• 100% plastic free and biodegradable (home compostable) tea bag paper;

• 100% plastic free and biodegradable inner wrapper*;

•100% plastic free outer cardboard carton;

• Natural colourings used for all packaging.

What more can be said, simply green by nature. Well, apart for the tea, which is black!

Ethical and environmentally friendly; we aim to provide Cumbrians and the many visiting ramblers with a great tasting brew at a very reasonable price.

The tale of our tea :

Wilfred Dickinson - a traditional 'Cumbrian marra' (a friendly term used to describe a local, or  simply meaning 'mate') - didn't have much when he passed away. One of the few sentimental items he left was an old tea pot that he won as a boy, whilst racing pigeons. He told his daughter, Mark's mother, that one day the tea pot 'would be worth something' (true story!)...
A note left inside the tea pot reads: "Won with pigeons, 1937, don't break."
Following a career in the Armed Forces, Wilfred's grandson Mark - also a 'marra' - settled in his native county of Cumbria...a place he calls home and a place he loves. He also really loves tea... mmm... lovely tea!

During his time spent working around the world, Mark - inspired by his grandfather's story of the tea pot and believing it to be a 'sign' - dreamed of creating a tea that the great Cumbrian people would be proud to call their own... a tea to share with the world. This became more than Mark's dream; it became his vision!


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