SMALL Fine Art & Astronomy Photography Mounted Images by Ben Bush Photography

Ben Bush Photography


Small Fine Art & Astronomy Photography Mounted Images by Ben Bush Photography

Ben is an award winning, published professional photographer based in the Northern Lake District, UK. Recently the winner of the Astro Photographer of the Year 2019 People & Space category, Ben’s work was shown across the world being featured in Forbes, the BBC, ITV News at 10, The Guardian, Times, Independent and many more.  Even the European Southern Observatory in Chile gave him and the other entries a mention.  All a source of great pride to Ben.

Print size 45x30cms (mounted 55x40cms) gallery quality mounted print using a light ivory mount and thick backing board. Printed using the finest Fotospeed paper

A Billion Stars Over the GapThis is probably one of the most famous and well photographed trees in the UK.  It lies close to the town of Haltwhistle and grows from the base of Hadrian’s Wall.  The wall snakes its way from West to East and was built by the Romans.   Here you can see our sister Galaxy Andromeda in the sky to the left of the tree.  Andromeda lies 2.537 million light years away and is our closest galactic neighbour.  In 3.4 billion years our two galaxies will merge to form yet another type of galaxy.  Andromeda contains around a trillion stars where our own Milky Way contains around 250 billion.

Ben, Floyd & the Core - My award winning shot.  Here you can see Floyd and myself silhouetted against the galactic core of the Milky Way Galaxy.  In this shot you can see Mars, Saturn, the summer triangle of Altair, Deneb & Vega and of course the gas clouds at the centre of our galaxy where 26,000 light years away lies a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A*

Blea Lights - A night spent playing and experimenting with photography in the Lake District.  Here I left my camera sitting on a tripod in the tarn taking photos as I ran back to the van and drove and down the road to create the light trails. 

Borrowdale StarscapeDerwent Water and a hazy night full of stars.  Top left you can see our sister galaxy Andromeda which lies 2.537 million light years away.  Centre you can see the winter Milky Way and the light pollution from Keswick lighting up Skiddaw.  Another beautiful night in Borrowdale

Borrowdale Glow - Derwent Water one misty night in the Lake District.  The old jetty looking across Borrowdale to Catbell’s and St Herbert’s Island.  The lights from Keswick giving colour and light to the mists.  A stunning night in Borrowdale

Buttermere StarsIt's never a bad plan to go spend some time at this beautiful lake.  Its such a tranquil and peaceful place to spend some time and one I return to time and time again.  This is one of my first ever night-time shots and one that cemented my love for both Buttermere and being out alone late at night with my camera.  Here you can see the amazing moon-shadow of a full moon, setting behind High Stile and throwing this amazing shadow down over the Sentinels, also known as the Buttermere Pines.  The lights from Gatesgarth Farm helped to back-light these beautiful trees and the moon lit up the mountain around.  Fleetwith Pike, Honister Valley and Haystacks in the background of this shot.  Another lovely night out in the Lake District.

Castlerigg Core - The Galactic Core of our Milky Way Galaxy over Castlerigg Stone Circle.  In the heart of the gas clouds lies a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A* that lies 26,000 light years away from the 3-5 thousand year old stone circle near Keswick

Derwent SpinA view I love and revisit often as I live close to here.  This is Skiddaw and Derwent Water with the light pollution from Keswick lighting up the landscape and the light from a billion stars lighting the sky.  A stacked photo showing around 45 minutes of the Earths rotation

Jupiter & Saturn Rise over the Duke -

Orion & Sirius over Buttermere - The Dog star, Sirius and Orion high above beautiful Buttermere and the beautiful mountains of Fleetwith Pike & Haystacks

Fleetwith Pike, Orion & that Tree - The constellation of Orion above that famous tree on the shore of beautiful Buttermere.  In the distance Honister, Fleetwith Pike and Wainwright’s favourite, Haystacks

Skiddaw Stars 

Sycamore Gap Starswirl - My best selling image and one made of from 140 separate exposures stacked together to show the rotation of Earth over 45 minutes.  In the sky Cassiopeia, the Double Cluster and Polaris make up the startrails

Winter Milky Way, Andromeda & an Inversion 

Andromeda, Blea Tarn & the Langdale Pikes - The photograph that started it all for me.  The first ever glimpse of our sister galaxy Andromeda that lies 2.537 million light years away and contains a trillion stars.  Here you can see it over the stunning Langdale Pikes and beautiful Blea Tarn.  An amazing night to be out walking the Lakes.  Langdale at night, it doesn’t get much better

Orion over Castlerigg - The constellation of Orion above the 3-5 thousand year old stone circle at Castlerigg near Keswick.  Some stunning January snow and a sky full of stars.  An amazing night to be out in the Lake District

Read about the artist/maker, here.

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