ORIGINAL Pen & Watercolour - by Dais SB Art

Dais SB Art


Original Pen & Watercolour

Wren- a small bird with a big personality, often seen moving through the undergrowth or singing its distinct call, perched on a branch.

A4 Pen & Watercolour

Stonechat - a small bird often seen perched on the top of low undergrowth, singing its call which it gets its name from as it sounds like two stones banging together.

A4 Pen & Watercolour

Nuthatch - a dynamic little bird that moves through the trees with pure skill

A4 Pen & Watercolour

The Rothay Dipper - waiting to jump back into the water, a common sight on the river Rothay in Ambleside, a great sight due to its happy bounce but also as an indicator of clean water.

A4 Pen & Watercolour

Magpie - with its impressively long tail and a blue iridescent, one of our cleverest native birds.

A4 Pen & Watercolour

Long-Tailed Tit - The dynamic Long-tailed tit, a bird that can often be seen darting through the canopies.

Image : 7x8.5" mounted : 10x12"

Pen & Watercolour

Tree Creeper - hanging out upside down on a branch of its tree, this is a bird that is a joy to watch creeping up and down a tree as they go about their daily tasks.

Image : 8.5x8.5" mounted : 12x12"

Pen & homemade watercolours. 

Ring Ouzel over Scafell - this is an upland species so is found in particularly high numbers on our highest fell.

Pen & homemade watercolours

Barn Owl - This Barn Owl appears perched on an old fence post looking out across a field waiting to pinpoint its next meal. Barn Owls are an iconic and magical owl that looks distinct and spectacular in its silent flight and is a true beauty of the UK countryside.

Homemade watercolours & illustrated with pen.

House Sparrow - This is a bird that we are all familiar with, often seeing it dart in and out of hedgerows, or on the bird feeder. This is a species that has been in decline recently due to the changes in human habits, who it relies on, it is therefore important that we notice and appreciate it and try to look after it.

Homemade watercolours & illustrated with pen.

Puffin - created with homemade watercolours and pen, this image shows a proud puffin stood on a rock. The Puffin is an incredible, special bird and it really is a joy to draw with its perfect proportions and that fantastic beak. These birds are fantastic to see and here in Cumbria we are still lucky enough to have a few breeding pairs on the coast, although due to their small numbers they can be tricky to spot. 

Blue Tit -  this was created using homemade watercolours and pen, perched upon its branch with the kind of excitement that a blue tit brings to the world of birds. This original was drawn with a particular Blue Tit in mind who often visits my window while I draw, its movement is incredible and always punctuated with a spike of its crest.

Goosander - this is a female Goosander which has very unusual and striking colourations, this original was made using handmade watercolours and pen. This shows the Goosander in the water with its distinctive sleek and low profile which move elegantly through the water and surprisingly fast.

All signed, mounted & framed in a beautiful dark brown natural wood frame.

About Dais - My name is Dais Scott-Bennett and I am primarily an illustrator, focusing on the natural world and our native wildlife, soaking up my inspiration from the Lake District where I am lucky enough to live in Ambleside. I have longed to live in this area since I visited as a child, as I saw it as a landscape that is awe inspiring for those who love nature and art.

I recently graduated from my Degree in animal conservation and am currently working on my Master’s in museum studies, with a focus on natural science collections. My passion for biodiversity and our wildlife meant I developed my love for art as a tool for understanding the natural world. I love to create art that aims to inspire people with the beauty of the native wildlife we have here in the UK and especially here in Cumbria.

I mainly work in pen and ink, which I find very practical for working outside but I do love to experiment with all mediums and often introduce a bit of colour to my art with watercolours I make myself.

Read about the artist/maker, here.

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