Trio Zak the Collie Dog Hats - Hand crocheted British Wool by Mavis Plant Fibre Artist

Mavis Plant Fibre Artist


Zak the Collie Dog Trio Hat featuring himself Zak the Collie Dog, Jesse Dog and Jack the Lad - Hand crocheted with British Wool from West Yorkshire Spinners. 

Beautifully hand crocheted by Mavis Plant Fibre Artist.

Size - Adult approx 26cms diameter, Kids 17cms diameter.                                                                        

"COME BUY!" I'm the shop dog, I'm the top dog, I'm 'Zak the Collie Dog'™.


The original and the finest, and you can buy my unique range of goodies at Cherrydidi and help me support small businesses AND raise money for the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs and  The Border Collie Trust (50p of every sale is donated to each charity). Everything of mine is made or designed in the UK.

Also, why not follow me on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram 'Zak the Collie Dog'™ and catch up on my adventures in the Lake District.

If you love to walk the lakes and fells,
Throw me a stick, give me a tickle.
I'm 'Zak the Collie Dog'™
And I'm always there when you give me a whistle!

Thanks for supporting 'Zak the Collie Dog'™ and his selected charities.

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