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Poet, Musician, Juggler, Fire Breather and frontman of obscure folk pop band ‘Unosdabs’, Ade has always painted funny-odd little pictures. As a young man he dropped out of Art College when his then indie pop band ‘Emily’ got signed onto Creation Records. Fortunately for his ego, international superstardom, as befell label mates Oasis, Primal Scream and Ivor Cutler, never materialised. Neither did a cultish marginal role in musical history such as Teenage Fanclub or the House of Love or Felt now enjoy.
Someday, perhaps after his death, his brilliant songs will get some sort of recognition, in a Nick Drake way…or maybe not. In the meantime, while we wait for him to become posthumous, as a celebration of his own mortality, he’s creating cheap little musings in watercolour and old books, and taking fascinating photographs.
His work always seems to portray the everyday as extraordinary, the mundane as brilliant, the beauty in a puddle. Never just look at his art and then walk on. Look again, and again. Inspect it and think about it… then walk away, think about it some more, go back, buy it, put it in a bag, get it out of the bag every half hour or so, look at it again, smile, put it back in the bag, take it home and cherish it.
Maybe buy more than one, then when he pegs it they’ll be worth something. Ade wishes to point out that it doesn’t work if he dies an unnatural death, so don’t go killing him to make a killing, as it were.