Cumbrian Tea

The Cumbrian Tea & Cumbrian Coffee Co. maintains a sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly ethos and also seeks to work with local charitable organisations to embed amazing outcomes.Basically, we really want to make a positive impact on the great county of Cumbria!

Our tea is ethically and sustainably sourced exclusively from Kenya and Malawi, stable countries both from a political and climatic perspective. This allows for tracking of the full process; from growing of the tea in the plantations through to transportation and delivery to the UK. Sourcing from countries with a stable climate ensures that our products maintain the same great taste, batch after batch. We are working with relevant ethical bodies to gain certification but this takes time, so please bear with us on this front.


We remain proud to provide British handmade and ethically-minded gifts & art to customers old and new.

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Cherrydidi is home to 'Zak the Collie Dog'™ We continue to celebrate his life and all it meant, to so many people (and dogs!).

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Postage is £3.60 & will arrive within 7 working days (unless notified). Choose the £11 option if you would like your order insured to £500.

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