Puddlebrush Books

Jon Buxton is a children's author and independent publisher, who lives and works in the Lake District. He was first inspired to write Mr. Puddlebrush when out playing with his little boy, aged 3 and splashing in puddles. Jon says 'he asked me where all the puddles disappeared to and I got a bit carried away!' 

Mr. Puddlebrush himself, is someone who loves nothing more than spending his days sweeping away puddles when the weather is fine, which can sometimes be few and far between up in Cumbria! 

Jon’s books are filled with well-crafted verse, charming characters and beautiful illustrations created by up and coming artists.

Mr Puddlebrush is the first in a series of books called ‘Lake District Tales of Nature’, which he has written to inspire a love of the outdoors and a sense of curiosity in young readers and listeners. Each book explores a question like ‘Why do puddles disappear?’ and answers it using a fictional character of nature and a simple factual explanation. He hopes his books will not only be a pleasure to read with children, but also invite a bit of playfulness and imagination while out and about in the Lake District and beyond.


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