Valentina Vandome Felting Art

Ciao - I am Valentina and I am self-taught fibre artist living in Cumbria.

I am both an art and animal lover and truth be told, I’m passionate about working with natural materials especially wool, using nature’s own material to promote the beauty of animals.

From a very early age animals and nature sparked and captured my imagination and I portrayed them in my drawings and later in photographs via my professional photography career. I have always been intrigued by big cats and especially Tigers which are special to me for their beauty, elegance and strength.

I am Italian where I worked for over 15 years as a professional photographer creating pictures of a wide variety of subjects including wildlife and animals.

I grew up in a wool shop that my mother owned near Venice, so wool holds a very special place in my heart. I have lived in the UK for the past 11 years and I have developed a love for felting and I now create my art work of animals using UK sourced wool.

I use wool fibres and felting needles for the creation of my unique pieces of art creating rich texture and depth. I like to achieve something that has as much detail and realism as possible almost like a photograph but at the same time imitating a full, dense and extremely soft brush stroke.

In my mind art is something so beautiful that it can connect, inspire and stir emotions to people from all walks of life, whilst bringing peace and bliss to my heart, I really do believe we can do magnificent things together and evolve in harmony.

Art gives me hope for the future of humankind, animal kind, living kind and can educate, stimulate beautiful emotions and join us together on this wonderful gift of a planet, lets Love it, Embrace it, Appreciate it, and Preserve it along with nature.

Take the LEAP with me for art and nature.


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