'Land of the Lakes' Wave Chest

Martin Stephenson


‘Land of the Lakes’ Wave Chest

The smoothly contoured lid inspired by the rolling Devon countryside hinges on a box 72mm deep inside

The 35mm tray lifts out to reveal another 35mm level below

External dimensions approx. 330mm long x 210mm wide x 100mm deep

Please note some colours may vary due to the nature of the wood.

This style is available in a number of different woods and can be used as a jewellery, watch or collector’s box

The work of Martin Stephenson is inspired by the themes and forms of nature; the art and architecture of Dali and Gaudi; and of course the Arts and Crafts movement. 

Since starting Stephenson Design in 1993, the range of furniture, boxes and sculpture has continued to develop and evolve always attempting to be pleasing both to hand and eye.  

Martin lives with his wife and two children on the edge of Exmoor, in his native North Devon, where the countryside continues to inspire and influence him.

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